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Transmission Repair for Your Car Can Be Stressful, Let Us Help


Keeping your car's transmission running smoothly is a vital part of keeping your car healthy. When your car begins to have drivability issu`es and you are not sure if it may be transmission related, and you find yourself searching for “transmission repair near me,” reach out to the experts at EURO Specialists, Inc. in Longwood.

Searching For “Transmission Repair Near Me?”

Whether you're planning on keeping your car for an extended period of time or not it will be important to ensure that your car's transmission is running smoothly. Your transmission is a very important component, and without it, your car will not run properly. The transmission is responsible for transferring all of the power made by the engine to the wheels, without it your car will move. Whether you own a newer car or an older vehicle it is important to keep the transmission maintained by regular fluid and filter changes. Contact the experts at Euro Specialists Inc. to find out what the service intervals are for your vehicle. If the fluid and filter are not serviced dirt and debris can accumulate and cause internal problems with the transmission. Don't let this happen to you, contact Euro Specialists today.

A complete transmission service involves removing and examining the pan, replacing or cleaning the screen or filter on your transmission, cleaning the pan, reinstalling the pan with a new gasket, filling the transmission with new fluid. These steps are vital to ensuring your transmission is functioning like new.

When Should I Service My Transmission?

In order to ensure your vehicle is prepared for extended use, it is recommended that you service your vehicle's transmission regularly and according to your manufacturer's intended intervals. For some vehicles, these intervals can be as soon as every 30,000 miles, while others may have a more extended interval. However, if you are unsure how often your transmission should be serviced and find yourself searching for “transmission repair near me,” be sure to consult with a technician you trust today.

Recommended transmission servicing is intended to extend the life of your transmission by replacing or flushing your current transmission fluid. If this is not performed within the recommended intervals, it could lead to a catastrophic event causing vehicle to be undriveable.

Warning signs that it may be time to service your transmission outside of the regularly scheduled intervals include the following:

  • A burning smell emitting from your vehicle
  • Signs of leaking fluid
  • Your check engine light may indicate your transmission needs repair
  • You may feel slippage when accelerating
  • Rough shifting between gears

All of these are signs that your transmission is not functioning as it should. Leaving you at the risk of a total failure.

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The process of changing transmission fluid is intricate, and should only be attempted by expert technicians. Reach out to EURO Specialists, Inc. in Longwood today in order to entrust your vehicle's valuable transmission to our expert mechanics today.

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