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Wiper Blade Replacement and Repair in Longwood, FL

The windshield wiper blades on your vehicle are important. They are what allow you to see while driving. Without them, you would have no way of getting water or debris off your windshield, resulting in very limited visibility.

Here at EURO Specialists, Inc., your safety is important to us. Limited visibility while driving is very dangerous. Your windshield wiper blades should be inspected and changed every year. If you're experiencing symptoms of bad wiper blades, they may need to be replaced sooner.

Symptoms that indicate you might need to replace your windshield wiper blades include:

  • Streaking of your windshield
  • A scraping or screeching sound when wiper blades are operating
  • A buildup of film on your windshield
  • Cracks, splits, or broken off places in the wiper blade's rubber
  • Bad windshield contact: Parts of the wiper blade aren't coming into contact with the windshield. This will become extremely obvious when it's raining hard.

At EURO Specialists, Inc., our factory-trained and master-certified technicians are available to assist with windshield wiper replacement and repair. We can inspect and replace both the wiper blades on your vehicle's windshield, and any rear wipers your vehicle might have. We will make sure your wiper fluid is filled as well. It's an inexpensive repair, but one that could mean the difference between being able to see or not see during the next hard rain.

As a full-service shop since 2004, EURO Specialists, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all vehicle repairs, service, and maintenance. We aim to treat every customer, vendor, and employee with respect and honesty. We know that getting your car serviced or repaired isn't always convenient. That's why we offer after-hours drop-off and pick-up of your vehicle. For our customers that are able to wait, our lobby is comfortable, clean, and quiet with complimentary Wi-Fi. For vehicles that require major repair work, we have rental cars available. You'll also enjoy a 2 year/24,000-mile warranty on your repair work.

If you need wiper blade replacement or repair in Longwood, FL, bring your vehicle to the experts here at EURO Specialists, Inc. Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form today.

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