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Engine Repair and Maintenance in Longwood, FL

EURO Specialists, Inc. is your one-stop, full-service engine repair shop in Longwood, FL. Since 2004, our factory-trained and master-certified technicians have serviced and repaired all vehicle makes and models. We are well-equipped to assist with any engine concerns.

The first sign of engine trouble might be the illumination of your vehicle's check engine light. When this happens, here at EURO Specialists, Inc. we use state-the-art car diagnostic tools to help us get to the root of your engine problem quickly.

Vehicle symptoms that may indicate an engine issue include:

  • Illumination of the Check Engine light
  • Knocking noises under your hood
  • Smoke coming from your exhaust
  • Car feels rough while idling
  • Vehicle has lost power
  • A decrease in fuel efficiency
  • The engine stalls
  • The engine feels rough while running

But even if your check engine light has not turned on, you should bring your vehicle into our shop at your earliest convenience if you're experiencing any of these symptoms. Engine problems progress quickly. The more severe the issue becomes, the more costly it is to repair. While your car is being evaluated, we invite you to relax in our comfortable and quiet lobby, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi. For your convenience, we also offer an after-hours drop-off and pick-up service.

Here at EURO Specialists, Inc., we offer regular oil changes and inspections to help maintain your engine and avoid engine problems. But sometimes the unavoidable happens. For customers that do require major engine work, our technicians are available to discuss different options based on your situation. In some instances, it may be best to repair the engine, and in others, we might recommend replacing the engine entirely. For your convenience, we provide you with a rental car while your engine work is performed. And for peace of mind, we offer a warranty on all shop repairs for 2 years or 24,000 miles.

If you need engine repair in Longwood, FL, bring your vehicle to the experts here at EURO Specialists, Inc. Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form today.

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