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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Common BMW Service Repairs

You are the proud owner of a BMW. With that being said,  you need to be aware of all the maintenance and repairs that come with owning this luxury vehicle. A BMW is not the type of vehicle that you can fix on your own or take to an average mechanic shop. This is a European vehicle and requires careful and knowledgeable care. It needs to be treated with the top care provided by experts who are specially trained to repair and perform maintenance on these European cars. At EURO Specialists, Inc. near Altamonte Springs, we offer the best BMW service to ensure your vehicle performs to its maximum potential. There is no need to google the phrase “auto repair near me.” We are the prime choice for your vehicle.  Common BMW Service Issues To Look Out For Oil Leakage This is most common in the 325i model. It is a common occurrence from the gasket in the space where the filter-assembly attaches to the engine. You may notice a burning oil smell or thick w ... read more

When Does a Check Engine Light Need Service

You are on your way to work and are listening to your favorite song. Everything seems to be okay. Then all the sudden you see a little glimmer of red light come from your dashboard. Dang it! Your check engine light is on. What does this mean for your car? At Euro Specialists, we want to provide you with the proper information to suite this situation. Located in Longwood, we are experts on all vehicles European. There are no questions we can’t answer on European vehicles, and no problems we can’t handle. Forget about googling a “mechanic near me”, you already found one!  Who Turned on The Light? Every modern vehicle today has a computer installed within it. This computer controls the engine operation. It provides all the diagnostics which are referred to as OBDII. The primary purpose of this module is to keep the engine running at top efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. Especially today, emission regulation is stringent and not e ... read more

Know What Sludge Is And How To Protect Your Engine

Engine sludge can be a serious problem for your car. It can lead you to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. It is important to remove it immediately, but before you can remove it, you need to understand what it is. Here at EURO Specialists, Inc. , we are experts on car maintenance. Located near Lake Mary, we have all the expertise you need. Wondering where you can get an oil change near me, can be tricky. We are here to help. What Is Engine Sludge? This lovely yellowy substance develops on and around your vehicle's motor when oil begins to break down and collect on the engine. When it is present, oil is not able to properly lubricate the moving part so the motor. Most of this buildup is from the stop and go driving and short commutes. Regardless of the vehicle, you drive or the way you drive, it is imperative you perform routine maintenance on your car to prevent engine sludge. If at any time you suspect that your vehicle developed among slide, get it resolved i ... read more

Car Maintenance Tips For Volkswagen

You are the proud owner of a Volkswagen. Your German machine needs to receive the utmost care it deserves. Here at EURO Specialists, Inc., we are here to ensure that you know all the necessary information to get your vehicle performing to its maximum potential. These cars are a luxury and need to be treated as such. They must be handed to professionals who know exactly how to care and handle them appropriately. That is where we come in. Our shop is located near Lake Mary. We are experts in car maintenance. We also specialize in oil change Lake Mary FL.  Your VW Needs All The Attention Have you ever spent a significant amount on a large purchase, only to have it fall apart, break down or give out after you'd had it only a short time? When you make an investment in something, you want it to last. Take your house or apartment for example: when you're forking out money every month on that payment, you are motivated to take good care of it. You keep the bathro ... read more

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