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Should I Get a Fuel System Flush When I Come in for an Oil Change?

Fuel System Flush

If you have been searching “auto mechanic near me” to find out if you need a fuel system flush, we have the answer for you at EURO Specialists, Inc. near Altamonte Springs. For the oil change Lake Mary FL residents trust,contact us today or visit us to have your oil changed.

What is a Fuel System Flush?

Many people who are unacquainted with car maintenance may not know what a fuel system flush is, but knowing what this is can help you better understand your car maintenance. A fuel system flush is meant to clean the fuel system by adding in a cleaner which then purges water from the fuel system as well as removes varnish, dirt, carbon, and any other deposits. It is an additive that is poured in which allows deposits to be dissolved from the engine's intake manifold and runners, valves, and combustion chambers utilizing a two-stage intake deposit cleaner. After this, residual engine cleaner is left in the engine to soften the harder carbon deposits over a longer period of time and reduce any long term build-up.

Do You Need a Fuel System Flush?

The fact of the matter is that when you have a clogged fuel system, this can ultimately lead to damage in other engine parts. Over time, this can lead to a deteriorated performance, fuel economy, and even a complete engine shutdown if it is not regularly maintained.

This is because inside every engine there are three critical components that work together in order to ensure that fuel makes it from the fuel tank, through the engine's fuel injectors, and atomizes into the engine. When the system is functioning perfectly, it allows the correct air and fuel mixture to combust upon spark and finally power your vehicle in the most optimal way possible. This is because the filter, pump, and fuel injectors are all a part of an interconnected system and when dirt and debris clogs only one part of the fuel system, this leads to damage in the other engine parts.

Searching Online for an “Auto Mechanic Near Me”?

You may not know whether you need a fuel system flush or not, but an expert will. They can help you determine if your engine will be able to handle a flush or if you would benefit from a more thorough fuel system check.

If you are searching for “auto mechanic near me,” contact EURO Specialists, Inc. for an oil change Lake Mary FL residents trust.

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EURO Specialists, Inc. near Altamonte Springs is your answer for your search of “auto mechanic near me.” We offer the oil change Lake Mary FL residents recommend. You may need to get a fuel system flush to upgrade the performance of your vehicle and make your fuel system run better. If you are interested in learning more about whether or not this is the right choice for you or if you need to fix something more complex, contact us today.

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