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Need a Mechanic Near You to Fix an Oil Leak: Get to EURO Specialists

Oil Leak

I need a mechanic near me in Altamonte Springs to take care of an oil leak. Any ideas?

We think your best bet is EURO Specialists Inc. They've been in the business of serving Florida residents for over a decade. With a simple, yet powerful, philosophy that advocates treating customers, vendors and employees with respect and honesty, they've succeeded in becoming one of the most reliable producers in its industry. Every employee is factory trained and certified. Each employee promises to have a minimum of 15 years under the hood, giving EURO Specialists a cutting advantage over competition staffed with junior mechanics and recent auto school graduates.

How important is fixing an oil leak?

It is absolutely critical to engine performance. If your oil system is damaged, expect even the smallest internal component to gradually lose its effectiveness, greatly impacting the quiet, smooth ride you want. In that regard, you can look forward to debris bunching up, blocking and eroding passageways, gradually destroying your engine from the inside out. Expect the great mileage you bought the vehicle for to go straight down the junker as friction between components increases, fuel burns faster and you're spending more time at the pump. Look forward to releasing harmful emissions because dirty oil has noxious results.

Nobody wants any of that for the environment or their car. Get down to EURO Specialists Inc. in Altamonte Springs to make sure your engine stays running at peak.

How often should I get down to a mechanic near me in Altamonte Springs?

Check your manual or talk with a tech at EURO Specialists. Most mechanics will inspect and change the oil in your engine at least every three months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. But you should also take into account driving habits. If you're driving more than average, hitting dirt and muddy roads, you might want to consider a different schedule. On top of that, the latest technologies command a pretty high performance and may only need maintenance every 5,000 miles. Basically, know your vehicle or use a resource like EURO Specialists. They know cars and will make sure you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

What type of vehicles does EURO Specialists take care of?

Well, their techs are trained in general oil and fluid maintenance for all vehicles. But EURO Specialists is an authorized service provider for Volkswagen, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Porsche and Infiniti. Bring any of those models to EURO Specialists and expect manufacturer-approved practices and procedures to be applied to every operation.

What's the hoopla I've been hearing about synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils perform better in colder temps, meaning no loss of performance. It's also resistant to viscosity inefficiencies that can result from friction, heat and chemical contamination. This solution also requires fewer changes than regular engine oil. Compared to the 3,000 mile recommendation, synthetics will need changing between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. Of course, synthetics are going to cost you a little more, but the return on your investment will be worth it. You should also note that after the first time you use synthetics, your engine will not be able to go back to regular oil.

“So, I guess for the best mechanic near me in Altamonte Springs, I should look for EURO Specialists Inc”.

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