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Is Your Car Ready For The Cold Winter Months?

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Looking for a mechanic near me? Come into EURO Specialists, Inc. in Altamonte, FL for car servicing before the cold winter months hit us. Let us make sure your car is running just as it should and allow us to set you up for the winter so your car runs smoothly all year round.

Winter-Ready Car Servicing with EURO Specialists, Inc.

The most important items to remember during the colder winter months is to be sure to do the following:

The battery – On really cold mornings, you'll want to warm up your engine so that your car's battery is fully charged. It makes the battery last longer so it does not have to try and keep up as you are driving. It will already be charged and ready to go for the full length of your drive in the colder weather.

Coolant/antifreeze- Always be sure to check the coolant in the overflow tank when the engine is cool and turned off. If low, you should be sure to fill to 50/50 at all times. Test the antifreeze as well to be sure the outcome is the same.

Windshield- Keeping the windshield clear of water and ice is easier than you think. Apply Rain-X to all windows when clean and wipe them dry. It will be much easier to wipe clean. Never pour hot water because it will crack your car windows.

Tires- Be sure to check the pressure of all four tires frequently in the colder months. The pressure will drop as the temperature drops so it is important to stay on top of it the best you can and be sure to keep track of it every time you do check it.

Headlights- Make sure your headlights are clear when driving through fog and rain. If your headlights are cloudy, it can reduce visibility, which is dangerous.

Brakes- Brake issues do not always give a warning, which is why it is very important to pay attention to them and to check and see if they are worn or experiencing problems. Have your brakes checked at a mechanic near me, like EURO Specialists, Inc. before the colder weather hits. Be sure everything is just as it should be.

Emergency Kit- you should keep an emergency kit in your car with these items in it just in case you need them: jumper cables, flashlight, cloth, snacks, basic tools, bandaids, and a water bottle.

Need a mechanic near me in Altamonte, FL?

EURO Specialists, Inc. is here to help you when it comes time for car servicing during colder months. We can make sure your car has everything it needs and is in the best shape before it is too late and sitting in your driveway and won't start one morning before work. Follow these tips and let us be the best “mechanic near me” in Altamonte, FL to be of help for your car. We have the answers you need and will keep your car in the best shape it possibly can be in.

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If you are looking for a mechanic near me in Altamonte, FL with an experienced staff and luxury experience, call EURO Specialists, Inc. today and we will not disappoint with all your car servicing needs with the colder months right around the corner. Contact us today.


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