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An Auto Mechanic Reveals Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

Gas Mileage

Anybody who owns a car knows that mileage is one of the most important things for your vehicle. At EURO Specialists, Inc., we can help you increase your gas mileage with additives that clean out your car and fuel injections to keep it running smoothly. What sounds too good to be true usually is- except in our case. As one of the top auto mechanics in Altamonte Springs, people trust us when it comes to taking care of their beloved cars. If you're looking for a “mechanic near me,” EURO Specialists, Inc. will tell you how to get more miles to the gallon without any special additive, chemical, or device. We're here to help you protect the environment and your car. Keep reading to find out from a mechanic near you how to turn your car from a gas guzzler to an economic vehicle. Contact us today!

How to Get Better Gas Mileage According to an Auto Mechanic

We at EURO Specialists, Inc. can help you decrease your fuel costs through a few simple tips. Hard Acceleration and Braking are one of the top killers of fuel mileage, so avoid speeding up suddenly or slamming your brakes because every time you step on the gas pedal fuel goes into the engine. Speeding up abruptly and hitting the brakes at traffic lights is not only terrible for gas mileage but very dangerous. Another tip is to keep your driving speed under 60 MPH. Slowing down for more miles per gallon may seem obvious, but many people drive fast and waste gas. For the average speeding driver, simply slowing down is one of the most effective ways to increase your gas mileage.

If you're waiting in your car for a friend and they don't come out after a few minutes, turn the engine off. While your car is sitting idle and not going anywhere there is no need to have the engine on, and every second the car is idling more fuel is being burned that could be used for driving somewhere else.

Top European Auto Mechanic

Applying oil additives helps lubricate your car parts, protect it from corrosion, and keep your engine running smoothly. The smoother your engine runs, the more oil and gas you can save. For example, Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer elongates your European car's oil life expectancy by as much as 50%. When your oil consumption rate decreases, all parts of the engine are optimized, saving you time and money. Cleaning out your fuel injectors is another way to increase engine efficiency and gas mileage. Because the filter, fuel pump, and fuel injectors are interconnected, dirt and debris can get into them and clog up the parts. A fuel injector cleaner cleans out all of the dirt and debris that has built in your system. A clogged fuel system can wreak havoc on your car.

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Wondering what an auto mechanic would do to increase gas mileage? Follow our proven advice above, and you can increase the mileage you're getting out of your car considerably. For more advice on fuel economy and other car issues when looking for a “mechanic near me,” in Altamonte Springs, contact us today.


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