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All About Tire Rotation Services & Why You Should Call a Pro

Tire Rotation

Tires get you where you're going, so it's important to maximize their utility and ensure you and your vehicle's safety through taking good care of your tires. One major component of healthy tire life is to rotate tires when they are in the wrong position. The point is ensure equal wear on all of your tires, so that there isn't one weaker tire on your car. On most cars this is a fairly simple task- you just remove them and move them back to the appropriate spot before reinstallation. However, tire rotation is much more complicated with European cars. The tires on most European cars are different sizes in the front and the back, making them impossible to rotate. Due to these factors, rotating your tires can be much more difficult- how do you know what kind of car you have? Experts can make tire rotation much simpler for you. Call EURO Specialists, Inc. today in Lake Mary to check the balance in your tires and monitor their treadwear the next time you look for an “auto repair near me,” so you don't have to waste the time and effort.

Tire Rotation Can Be Difficult

If you have a non-European car, it has become much harder to rotate tires on your own because of a new system called TPMS, or the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Like its namesake implies, this system monitors the pressure in your tires to ensure proper inflation and help you increase your tire life and gas mileage. Another advantage of TPMS is that it will let you know if you are about to lose tire pressure while driving, and thus keep you safe.

Why does this helpful system make it more difficult to rotate tires on your own? The “problem” with TPMS is that every single tire has a sensor on the interior that informs the computer of the amount of pressure it is holding. Because each of these sensors are “marked” by the computer so that it knows which tire is which, when you are rotating your tires the computer becomes confused at which tire is in the front or back and will automatically turn on a light in the instrument panel that stays on until the entire system is reset.

European cars, however, have differently sized wheels in the front and back, making them nearly impossible to rotate. However, EURO Specialists, Inc. can help you extend the life of your tires through keeping them balanced and monitoring the treadwear. Balanced treadwear is essential for prolonging the life of your luxury European vehicle- such beautiful cars deserve to be taken care of!

Tire Rotation and Balance Are Best Left to Experts

The primary reason for getting your tires checked is to ensure that each tire is balanced in the amount of wear and tear it has. For example, if the front left tire is more worn out than the rest of your tires, then it's more likely to burst on the road. If your tires are out of balance, make sure to look up “auto repair near me.” The comfort of your ride and the lifespan of your tires, wheels, and suspension can greatly be improved by taking care of your wheels. EURO Specialists, Inc. will put your wheel-tire units on a balancing machine one at a time, spin it, and diagnose stiffer spots and measure vibration. The machine will show whether the weight is balanced, and the specialist will then apply different elements to balance out the wheels if needed.

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Due to these complications, it is very difficult for most people to rotate their tires on their own and maintain a healthy tire life, and the structure of European cars make it nearly impossible. EURO Specialists, Inc. can help take care of your luxury vehicle in a minimal amount of time at the best cost to you to help you maintain your vehicle. Contact EURO Specialists, Inc. in the Lake Mary area for tire rotation services and tire maintenance when searching “auto repair near me”

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