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Make EURO Specialists Inc. in Altamonte FL,  your car maintenance location. We offer oil changes, automotive repairs ranging from air condition repair, brake maintenance, bodywork, wheel restoration, transmission servicing, wheel alignment, balance and mounting and so much more. Our automotive shop is recognized for our level of service and attention to detail. One of the most common services provided being an Oil Change.

Benefits of Coming to EURO Specialists

We have master certified technicians that are highly experienced and close to home. We carry out all types of oil changes even for exotic and luxury cars. from synthetic, to synthetic blend and so on, we understand which type of oil your car needs during the course of its life.

How Often Should I Get An Oil Change?

Car maintenance is critical to when it comes to extending the life of your car. Dirty oil does not do the job that fresh oil can. The additives in dirty oil boils out and the contaminants eat away at the metal parts and water collects over time making it more problematic for your car. Oil protects parts of the engine from wearing down. You should change your oil at regular, reasonable intervals. These intervals depend on the car manufacturer and their guidelines and depending on operating conditions but on anything but the newest vehicles. Don’t go longer than 5,000 miles between changes and never go farther than the manufacturer’s recommended maximum interval between oil changes. To find out exactly how often you need an oil change one of our specialists will specify it for you.


Tip of the day: The only way to avoid running on oil that’s dirty is to keep a record of when it was last changed and to change it frequently — sometimes as often as every 1,000 miles in extreme operating conditions. By changing your oil frequently, you may get twice the mileage out of an otherwise good engine.

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